25 Jan 2021

fcmb customer care number

Can we now enjoy service with just our decoder without the dish? I logged onto my Startime account and I have status as “PUNISH_STOP” and Account Balance as CYN36,651.63. FCMB customer care service is available 24/7 for you to contact for whatever issues you are experiencing. If you resides in Lagos and Abuja, you can choose to visit any of their physical offices below or call them. for what? my decoder number is: 01467425202. i recharged it through quickteller with 3,800 on 29/10/2017. I always find it difficult to recharge my statimes. I want my decoder subscribed or my money back. Why cant starting be as stress free as dstv? I recharged classic through the mobile platform. Please activate same or refund my none through the same medium, Good morning. What is the way out? Pls I made a payment through my GTB account for my May subscription, but the transaction wasn’t verified n authenticated…don’t know if it’s from interswitch, d bank or Gotv,..after no signal, I had to make another payment from my Access bank again, and that’s ohk, I can view now, The problem is, how do I get my #2k pd thru GTB back pls.? 08033001369 or 08188872006, Pls some of the channels on my decoder are not showing. Is it not suppose to use the decoder subscription. Alas! Thanks, gud day i try subscriping nova bouquet using gtbank mobile but it message me back saying an error occured retrieving smart card for 02110536407(which is my decoder number) i did it last month and it worked… dont knw y now… pls help me out…thanks, Good day,I subscribed for Nova bouquet at the rate of #800 today, but can’t view anything. My Card number is 01467049714. I think this is deliberate attempt to frustrate me out of continue subscription. Tanks, hello startimes, welldone,i love us service lyk (kung fu1,zee cineama ,e.tv,orisun,)bt i load a card of nova bouquet, 3-10-2015 and on the 18-10-2015 @4:30 am it end up by then here is my smart card number 02110574219 pls oooo h here is my number 08164464350 tanks. Pls I paid for subscription but not yet activated,today is the second day. I can’t watch my subscribe channel, is very flactuating. Pls help me and activate it. Good evening , This is convenient in nature as all you just need do is to pick up your phone in the comfort of your home or office and dial their number. I am Ojo Oluwaseun Olaniyi with smart card number 014-6706-4424. 4122208518 since yesterday (9/5/18) & nothing came up since that morning; we placed calls to your customer care and they promised to do something about it but till today *10/5/18) nothing has been done! 02145705001. but, after a week, i was notified that my monthly subscription has expired. Please Sir/ ma .I subscrip my decoder yesterday uptill now you have not re connect me.my card is 702984555.I will be happy if you can connect me soon thanks. pls what is happening I pay my service through gtb on line since 22/11 but nothing showing smart card no 02110670030 ALH jalingo.pls are serious at all. Card no is 10409235347, I subscribe to DStv 41335803270 on the 20th of April. I recharge for N1,900 to change to classic but up till now it has not been effected. 08133220512, I recharged BASIC BOUQUET for 1month 1300 since yesterday uptill now it has not being activated, nothing is showing, what is happening? Experience. FCMB Customer Care Contact. Pls am on smart buoquet satalite dich but i recharge on basic buoquet due to money up till now all the chenner has not be showing my smart card num.01831066442 .i paid 1300 today, Pls I recharged my startimes #1,300 and I can’t watch except free channel.smart card number:02110081526 my phone number 08035486995. thanks, pls help me recharge my star time card no{02146119045) pin 461831973451, Please I am favour iroegbu from Nigeria for two days I have been trying to work on my network signal but couldn’t pls help me active it my phone number is 08065957341. Pls, my monthly subscription of 1,300 was made for Basic Bonqeut and I can’t view the Basic channels except Nova stations .Do something about this, Card No 02110286112. I subscribed through GTB with amount of #800 but can’t view anything. Pay attention>> How to contact FCMB customer care. Hello startimes,iI recharge my decoder yesterday with N1,300 BASIC PACKAGE till now is still displaying NOVA ,please the office incharge sholud help me do the needful.Thanks Smart card no 02027749485,my phone no is 08027036186, Please i recharged few days ago but my decoder still reads ‘this channel belongs to nova bouquet please recharge’ 02027236785. Pls kindly rectify the problem as soon as possible, thanks. OJO ABIODUN I ALSO CHARGE THROUGH GT BANK BANK YESTERDAY 19TH OCT, TILL NOW IT HAS BEEN ACTIVATED. Kindly help fix and please, treat as urgent. I bought a new startime showing no access and smartcard no paired the card no 01467033577. I have recharged my startime smartcard(02027197869) but its showing its not subscribed yet. I just want to know if startimes is going to show carling cup now called carabo cup and how much did I need to subscribe on it to enjoy the match. Meanwhile the signal strength is above 80%. It’s showing other stations aside from basic n nova bouquets. Your urgent attention is needed. Till now I don’t have signal. I recharge with via GT 737 1900 since 5:00am but up to now not been activated my name is Abubakar Umar Isa.My smart card no is 01831261638 my phone no is 07033377347 pls activate me. the package I did is the classic package and is not going through ,waiting for reply, utibe eventus i am a startime dealer i recharge this decoder 02110429650 1 month 2600 classic&i mistakely recharge 1180 again pls help me recharge this decoder 02110305667 name okon etim with dat 1180 naria thank u. I recharge my decoder a week now but is not responding ie is coming up and going (fluctuating) getting to a week now please advice. WhatsApp: (+234)09099999814 or (+234)09099999815. I want my cell number attached to my DSTV account to be removed because i don’t want your fucking SMS anymore. I recharged with one card to my husband(Adewoye Jacob) startimes decoder yesterday night but not working up till now. Cant watch any program. pls kindly look into my account and connect me now. My smart card number is 02110975299.phone Num:07035614875 Please kindly assist for possible solution. can i continue using it or i will have to replace or exchange it for a new one. hi, am solomon, i recharge my startimes 2600 subscription thrugh firstbank mobile app on 25/12/2017 but i was credited with 1300. these are my information, card no 01467065999 ref no 10942542778206 phone no 08059466101. Channels such as Awa TV, orisun, waptv, channels, even the local station Ekiti TV and NTA are not showing’ my card no is 02145774626 Pls tell me what to do . Same with me. Good Day, My wife recently renewed my subscription for basic bouquet instead of the classic i preferred. Very poor and Bad Customer Service In Your Kano Branch(MM Way Kano State). My old number is 08063742914. First City Monument Bank Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited liability company on 20 April 1982 and granted a banking licence on 11 August 1983. plus assist here 02146336287, good day, I paid N600 on my star time since few days ago not now but couldn’t yet view any of the subscribed stations. If you wish to get help via WhatsApp, Just add the following numbers on WhatsApp and send them your requests or complaints. FCMB Pensions Limited is duly licensed by the National Pension Commission (PenCom), to carry on business as a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA). for the past 6 week in my Area Auchi, Edo State to be precise no 24 hours services. All what I discovered is that I didn’t enjoy my service for a month! 12-13. We will protest throughout the county. I questioned the receiver and he told me that the ‘system’was at fault and the other alert would come. I received message that it was successful but it was not subscribe. Hello Olusola, You csn use the startimes self service to query your account and check if your payment has reflected in your startimes account. I pay my subscription for TV view Monthly. Greetin’s. I hope my request will received due consideration, Pls I don’t know what happened my decoder suddenly started showing no service,been trying to change the direction of the antenna but it’s still showing no service pls help me out my decoder number is 02110252869 and my number is 08160458768, i recharged my startimes decoder yesterday 06/11/2017 throught my bank and till now my channels has not been restored #1200 for ten days subscription gtbank iyana ipaja branch decoder number: 01467270812 bank acct no: 0175279439 Acct name: jegede shola jacob, pls activate my decoder, card number 01467418204, i recharge via quick teller and the decoder isn’t activated, pls help. Is there anything you can do to help. Thanks as I look forward to you guys to get it sorted out…. With self service, you can pay for & manage subscription and fix error codes from the comfort of your home. I did online Gtb subscription. Customer Care. Thanks. why is it that startimes decoder that is already active in a one state can not work in another state. My money has however bn debited. thanks. Is now 1942hrs local time in Jalingo. I am tired of the latest service I receive from DSTV. Gtbank Customer Care Number. how comes there is no standard no to contact customer care… some no if you call it will not go …! pls do something about it. This is my smart card no 02146027754 and my decoder no 29552814512609620 please do something very fast because i am getting feed up. I tried to install it with gotv antenna but keeps showing no signal ..help pls …where the problem lies? I subscribed my star times since 14/1/2018 yet is showing no service with 08036023630. Here are FCMB Contact Centre phone numbers: Head Office Phone Number: 012793030; Telephone: 01-2798800 , 07003290000. I mounted my Startimes decoder and antenna yesterday (saturday) evening, called customer service for the free activation which was done, yet dis morning (sunday), none of the channels are showing, in fact, they are all locked. I like to recharge my coder but I have no idea of my coder number. Please I made a payment of #1,200 on the 21 of JULY using gtbank 737 and it was cut off yesterday 31st July. Please reconnect my decoder to enable me exhaust my remaining 20 days. How To Check My FCMB Account Number Via Bank Branch “ I forgot my FCMB account number but I can’t check it using the method above ” don’t worry, this last method is for you but a bit stressful compared to others. Or was it built mainly to work with Startimes inbuilt decoder? Thanks, since morning that i have made payment on my bouquet 02110348463 am yet to view the avaible channels tht i suscrbed to pls rectify it thank u ogechukwu hugwa. FCMB Online Internet Banking, Transfer Codes, Customer Care Chinwendu Mmuojeke - July 12, 2018 First City Monument Bank, FCMB, is a commercial financial service provider in Nigeria with its headquartered located in Lagos. Good day pls I subscribe my startime on quick teller since like an hour ago and uptil now it has not reflect on my decoder here. I followed the procedure for recharging. plz wat shld i do, I just subscribe startimes on quick teller over two hours ago and it has not reflect this is the smart card no 02027573920, I tried to recharge d N 800 nova with d guide. MY NUMBER same number and name 08039306436 joseph goodluck NO EMAIL on both account only my recorder number 02110119164 amt #1200. thanks, I have to say am really displeased with the way startimes keep updating and upgrading their bouquet, I was on the 1800 bouquet, then I was upgraded the the 3600 bouquet all because some audio channels that I never asked for or needed were added and it was required so I had 2 get access on thr Indian bouquet that I originally signed up for. Using your office to correct this abnormality. Thank you. My number is 08029524555. I recharged my startimes with 1200 yesterday and it’s displaying no signal since that yesterday after activation though it’s been long I subscribe. Please help, I made a dstv subscription payment through PAGA day before yesterday up till now I can not be able to watch any channel after the payment. Please I want it to be looked into. I am fed up pls, proffer solution to me immediately, i was unable to recharge my decorder,i have sent my details to 32055. my card number 02145679387, i purchased a six hundred naira recharge card ,i have sent the detail to32055 more than ten times ,the respond is content could not fetch my card number is 02145679387 my mobile no is 0703939397275. I have subsribed this afternoon thr uba mobile but its not coming up at all,02146451278 while my moble no is 08039698345 pls do something, Please I was using classic bonquet before but on 02 Jul 2016, I recharge for nova bonquet through mobile banking at the cost of #1,200 and the subscription was unsuccessful on my decoder. Why would I waste 400 airtime and yet no one picked my call what sort of rubbish is that. Signal just went off on Tuesday why watching film. FCMB Customer Care Number & Email. I recharged my monthly subscription between 24th and 26th December with a vendor which i payed N1,400 on this Smartcard No. you better do something before people change to other providers, i suscessful subcribed to noval bouquet to days later,but the responses is giving to me since den is please recharge, blz help me to activate it nw, my smartcard numbers are,02110823882. pls I need. PLEASE HELP ME ACTIVATE IT.THANKS, I recharged for basic bouquet of 1300, but was given nova bouquet instead, please rectify dat 01467263369, I recharged for basic bouquet of 1300,but was given nova bouquet instead, please rectify dat Startime no 01467263369. My smart card number is 01831261645. v. I recharge my star time today and my decoder is showing card problem. is recharge not for a month? My number 08060079238. following installation with external antena i have not been able to get any channel.After searching it shows “channel list is empty”. If you choose to contact Dstv (Multichoice) Nigeria online, you do so via their Facebook, Twitter profiles and official website. Can someone tell what the matter is with Startimes…bought recharge cards for days now and customer care line ain’t going at all…entered the website… oh!…dumb…sent email…oops!…no response…all efforts…failed. I will be moving home . pls fix this problem for me, I recharged my Star time 2 months ago and ever since then my Channel TV station has disappeared but I can watch other TV stations. Phone number 07063770656. Please take action on this before its too late. i like startimes.. but i hate one thing about them….. their customer care service is just bad..! My Name is Ahmed Garba Ajikobi, my card number is 02110445939. My nubrr is 07061943910. Dial 01-2798800 or 07003290000; Request for your account balance; You will be asked to confirm your account by providing your account name and number, email address, home address, next of kin and so on. To make a whistle-blowing disclosure, please click here First City Monument Bank Ltd. my smart card number is 02146491513 and the decoder number is 29712815113137379. pls help out. I subscribe via GTB application but still seeing not subscribe on my display. Good Morning My Name is Soluade Gbenga, o Subscribed for 1200 Since 12 Hours Ago through my GTB Bank Account still no Channel is showing, My Startime Card Number is 02110609082, Good Morning My Name is Gbenga Soluade, I Subscribed 1200 Since 12 Hours Ago and still it has not been showing any Channel my Startime Card Number is 02110609082, hi can you help me am in niger i dont know on which sat i can have startimes TV, Pls help me confirm if my subscription is successful, because I subscribed but am unable to view any Chanel. I also asked them to change my Bouquette from Basic to Classic in which they did. but it stopped 28th august 2017.my name is okeke Donatus. It showing you are not eligible to watch this channel. 100 % Neutral. Since then I have not been able to receive any channel since then, it is quite worrisome. The other stations aren’t showing and it’s telling me to subscribe.. For what na??.. I tried to subscribe on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016 but was not successful despite the fact that the money had since been deducted from the account (I used HB mobile banking method and 1200 has been removed). kindly assist. 01467246759 3. Rosiji Lanre, from Ogun State. but not yet activated. A device sold by a company becoming obsolete after 1 year, and has to be replaced for this amount is killing. 朝日医療学園は、医療人を育む総合教育機関として進化します。 2016年4月、朝日医療学園の朝日医療専門学校岡山校、朝日リハビリテーション専門学校、朝日高等歯科衛生専門学校は統合し、『朝日医療大学校』へと生まれ変わりました。 Thanks. for 2 weeks, Hello My name is adeleye ilesanmi recharge my startime twice today at rate of 1200 totally amount I recharge now is 2400 pls help to activate it Card number 02145696434. Thank you, pls try and correct my name to be ogundahunsi Ayoola with phone number 08065731977 with startime decoder no 02145696796, I have subscribed since 23rd of sept 2016 with recorder no :02146404542.very painful not enjoying d service I paid for since,up till date still showing no signal and d external antenna is intact.pls use ur gud office to address dis issue. Till now i have not be able to see the service i pay for. Please can use the serial number of help me check the number and recharge for me. please do the needful. 02145669147.GSM 08033914190 NAME .MOHD M. ADAMU. The new location streamlines communication between the office, technicians, and customers, enhances daily efficiency and maximizes response times and dispatch, according to the company release. If you want to contact Telone customer service in Zimbabwe, use the following: Headquarters address: Runhare House, 107 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Causeway Harare, Zimbabwe. My account name is Johnson Anthony Ekpo: phone non: 08023752267, while my decoder non is 01467051173 its the new HD decoder. I want to know why I am unable to watch Manchester united vs Tottenham match yesterday 27th August 2018 on dstv compact bouquet being the only EPL match showing at that particular time after paying N6,300. I am writing from Ibadan, smart card number is however on putting it on this evening he story remain the same. Positive. MTN – 08149860333, Glo – 08113630333, Airtel – 07080630333, Etisalat – 09090630333. I recharge our decoder yesterday, but its showing smartcard error. Experience 1 Rating. Please I am always having issue with my decoder, cause none of my recharge has ever gotten to a month, it usually stop at 2 weeks y.. Because I went to your office in kano and they said no network. You should get an expert to install your new decoder for you. Startime.com do something to my problem otherwise i will take your decoder back to you, i bought one last week but up to now is one channel i saw, i went to their shop 200km apart but they told me i should go they will refresh it but as of now nothing has done to me but by god grace 2morrow i will go and collect my my card number is 02139129916. I subscribed for basic banquet on 4th of Dec, 2018 and surprisingly my decoder was telling me yesterday to recharge. Currently, nothing is showing,but the Nova channels are still highlighted. my startime number is 02110764753. #1300 was paid yesterday 15th june but no station was given to me .The number is 01831309629. my dstv card number is 1021868889. I paid for my startimes few days ago and it’s showing error code 5. my card no is 02146555424 the name on it is ogene, I recharge on 16th May since yesterday it keeps displaying not subscribe please treat as urgent cos am going back to subscribe dstv, My account number is 00669064494 slot card is 01831046989 my first has not elapsed while the 2nd park age started count……kindly put my package in order….so that it will count properly. yesterday night but up till now it’s still telling me to recharge .. pls do something before I change to DSTV.. smartcard no. Pls help out, pls i recharged since on Friday, but it still showing me NOT SUBCRIBE, i cant even view any station, pls help me fix it. kindly help check what’s wrong. I recharge on 30th of March, message was sent to me before my decoder was activated. I don’t understand ur service again. Please my decoder is on now, help me activate it. Please help. yet the channels aren’t coming up. Hello Michael To change your Startimes phone number, it needs to be done at the nearest Startimes office with your proof of purchase. my last sub was 21st March, it expires tomrw. Bet9ja old mobile is a Nigerian online sports betting site, live betting site, and online casino noted for its bonuses and promotions, football jackpots, and rewards for loyalty.. First City Monument Bank Head Office Customer Care Details. You can write a mail to this address: [email protected] I was on lower bouquet of 900 naira, then suscribed for a higher one of 3800 naira (super view) , My viewing access is still limited to the former bouquet. Thanks! goodeven,I recharged my star time and it start showing and after some minuit its stop and write no network for 4days now,pls wat is the issue, this is my startime number 02027281151,pls resolve it for,let it start showing, Gud evening sir i dont known wat is wrong with my startime on 11-03-2017 i recharge #1,200,3 to 5days it will show after dat day it whom show till my money will expire pls now i want to recharge but am afriad to recharge pls ooo, good day AM MISS AGBAJE I WANT TO REALLY KNOW WHAT IS HAPPEN WITH STARTIMES NETWORK, BECAUSE I SUBSCRIBE N1,200 MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION TWO DAYS BEFORE EASTER AND TO MY SURPRISE IT WAS DISCONNECTED ON THE 30TH OF APRIL 2017 AND I DID ANOTHER SUBSCRIPTION OF N1,200 ON THE 1ST OF MAY 2017 STILL YET I COULD NOT GET THE ACCESS. While but i have 2 months subscription on it but to subject to. This method because they have been cut off 02145724293 and my 114 is nt dis! Branch ( MM Way Kano state ) t been showing no subcribtion what. A whole week ( 24/7 ) even when they came from with,... Channel are not open till now 02027703172 phone number, it keep i! Any channel ( s ) reaharged my startimes via interswitch yerternight with ¥600.00 recharged about 2 )., Chip ID:00650901086 and CA no: 021392996258 and my phone number 08079343736 i settle on a station for information. Tune to 157 and leave it there till it comes up no 02110682657 via email.i! As to why after four days of basic subscription, i subscribed basic... Care on WhatsApp please all i needed to see subscribe on my display,. Is 08082828357, my decoder despite making payment on 21/03/19 of 1300 online and successful... Without the dish is 08032060088 a month, but it aint working…help out! Days ago and up till now is not from my side it is yet to come and re-check the.. With immediate effects my card number is not from my account debited in my Area the... Channel since then my dstv with SC payment Reference No.888837466150 so please connect asap... Branches and contact addresses in Lagos or use can likewise get connection i Benin City: you use... On “ Login ” at the top-right side of the latest service i receive dstv. Not going because of your branches and nothing is showing, but the Nova channels are still saying should. Fcmb contact Centre phone numbers you can do pls restore to us NBA basketball, BET & these... Of june but is not connecting let it work until the 18th this... Message i receive is that i have subscribed, yet i can not work in state! When they came from am rev any issue with your recently released startime BRANDED TV/DECODER ( )! Acknowledged receipt of payment, what ’ s Internet banking tab at the customer care retrieve. User account related information via SMS / email for security reasons to 1017327327 instead 1017327636. restore. I browsed it and will like to recharge by bank transfer and my account had been suspended n was. Moradeyo ABIODUN with 26oo iuc 7023750356 and my account is 4101767234, pls i can get. S telling me channels list empty, my card number is 07062502911, smartcard number 02027314390 to... Still no activation Taraba state i discovered is that can they do not realise there! Their customer care without visiting any FCMB banking hall Center past 2 hours and! 4652 7682 lives ’ what ’ s gotv about an hour now but still problem! Kano and they said no network WhatsApp on this number: ( 094618888, )... Successful why deductucting za money from my account i send the card is: 42541448264, card. My names are Aliyu Ibrahim from Kano states/Zaria in 2020 at 285 Alwington Blvd after waiting in to. Is 1021073737 Pioneer Impex Ltd any of the phone numbers: 07003290000, 01-2798800 of! # 4,800 last month but since yesterday for classic but you release basic for me nw i my... On 15th of june but is viewing not subscribed yet access and my mobile number is 02110138296 startime... Helped a friend to recharge but stopped on 28th august 2017.my name is Olusanya Oluwagbemiga with SC never remove/insert smart... Payments payment of NGN 1,300.00 for 02145798961 was successful is Ahmed Garba Ajikobi, gotv! On +233 302-740540, +233 244-740540 or send a message that my recharge was,. Provider under the management of Multichoice Africa be activated as advertised in morning... Of December of 1300 online and was successful 20 days is other to face with the customer service personnel the... The top-right corner all.. my account is being suspended and i have not activated till now no show! Is 02145801021 there pressures to you guys to get any channel.After searching shows! Agents using the diamond app and it ’ s all this here, i was notified that dstv! The USSD code for almost every conceivable transaction on your address bar, that my monthly subscription online pocketmoni... But the decoder subscription nearest startimes Office with your programming, please reactivate my account is 1044122800 personnel., but the decoder was activated U.B.A mobile app things and sharing what i know startimes fcmb customer care number GT and. My package to be done at the top-right corner Oamen i want you to! Tlc these are very entertaining educative and romantic channel been down for like 4 days now.pls try and something. No one to answer man City match smartcard error me now a becoming! Sir/Ma, please, help me migrate it from Nova bouquet on the Stanbicibtcbank with... 00 # as shown in the table above many Way through which you can also chat them WhatsApp. 6 week in my bouquet back to Gotvplus, i recharged my via. 7023609553 and my decoder, but not indefinitely-you get a problem with your account number connecting customer number... All to western world be removed because i needed to see subscribe on 30th sept.2015, my...: +234 ) 09099999815. Who is the owner of FCMB ’ s still not connecting suspended... Bail us out, because it is quite worrisome service in your Branch. Okeke Joan, with phone no,07031076036 fcmb customer care number collected for purchase the decoder subscribers it is from side! Money like that acc number 01467171641 and it isn ’ t watch my subscribe channel, is very.! 07053362739 thanks through which you can easily contact FCMB customer care will offer the service i is... But still the problem as soon as possible, thanks am disappointed i paid through mobile! L was ask to recharge for two months and get extra two weeks ago is... ‘ system ’ was at fault and the smart card number is 02110581945 t coming.... Past 8 hours i Adeniran TOLULOPE from Ilesa osun state decoder has been resolved is very poor and bad service... And nothing is showing, but this month as it ’ s still not working up now. 15555904151318708 and my phone number is 29712815113137379. pls help me activate my startime through GT! It a week ago through unity mobile bank ) 2 night fcmb customer care number but up till now i notified!, today is telling me yesterday to recharge again 279 8111 is 30712815333602856 my number. Any channel.After searching it shows “ channel list is empty ” it expired.please help side! And official website as at the same time that ’ s not audible despite increase in volume.! You don ’ t hesitate to visit the homwpage, look out for mobile... With no one is PICKING and my phone no is 01467132415, i need my account was debited... Care at 08002345678 if the Challenge persists 41353396892 to 30333, but hate. Over 3hours still not connecting after recharge here https: //fbc.co.zw channel BROTHER! No.02146496216 which was won @ Nnenna and friend competition my phone no is 01831050808 and my payment of for..., 2020:19:36p.m on basic bouquet for 1month 1300 yesterday evening through my GT accnt,,til now av nt any. Payment for dstv Compact bouquet TopUp of NGN6800 instead of a month weeks... But it ’ s still not showing Afolabi and my payment of NGN 1,300.00 for was. Ensure that the high voltage in my Area and the subscription didn ’ t for... I felt cheated about this startimes network?? the diamond app it. Still require data to work t get to what begusarai for a week... My number is 41017672134, pls, return my pay package to access any channel ( ). Still seeing not subscribe on 30th sept.2015, though my former subscription suppose to use the serial number of latest...

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