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safe cleaning products while pregnant

Most professionals agree that oven cleaner is one of the most dangerous cleaning product for women who are expecting. Dust Bunnies: What Are They, Where Do They Live and How Can I Get Rid of Them? Needles to Say, Christmas Trees Can Be Messy! Most paint fumes are safe while you’re pregnant, but there is a slightly increased risk if you use solvent-based paints or strip old paintwork as these may contain traces of lead. Make sure you have plenty of … When you’re pregnant, you may find certain smells or odors offensive even if the products are completely safe to use. After I called her back to tell her which are safe cleaning products during pregnancy I had to sit down and take a break. Wear gloves and a long-sleeved shirt, so you don't get the cleaning products on your skin. There is little research to indicate that household cleaning products pose a significant danger to pregnant woman or her baby. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Douglas on cleaning products during pregnancy: Cleaning products are safe as long as you do not mix ammonia products with others and breath in the vapors. Molly Maid Franchisees Ray and Martha Pillar Give Through Ms. Molly, Molly Maid Ranks High on 2010 Best Franchises for Veterans List, Molly Maid House Cleaning Offered in Downton Abbey Giveaway, Ms. Molly Takes Stand Against Domestic Violence, Molly Maid to open 15 N.E. How to Vacuum: Yes, apparently you do need vacuuming tips! Coffee Pot Maintenance: Vinegar vs. Descaler, How to Remove Coffee Stains from Everywhere You Find Them, How to Clean Gross Things Without Gagging. The best skin-care products for pregnant and breastfeeding women, according to dermatologists, including products from CeraVe, the Ordinary, Skinceuticals, Drunk … Ms. Molly Foundation: Why Doesn’t She Just Leave Him? Is it safe to use household cleaning products while pregnant? Simple. It’s natural to be cautious about the products you use and their potential impact on you or your unborn baby! However, if it gives you peace of mind to avoid chemicals altogether, there are many natural products you can use to clean nearly anything in your home including vinegar, lemon juice, borax and baking soda. ECOS is safe to use to clean your bathroom while you are expecting since it is made with essential oils. Better to be safe than put yourself or your baby at risk! Make sure your area is well ventilated. By Bethany Boggs Aug 30, 2018. Step 1: Make sure that you have good … When you need to clean around baseboards or a low area, consider using a cleaning or dusting tool with an extended handle on it such as a Swiffer. Make sure you have plenty of … While bending over briefly is isn’t usually a problem, you shouldn’t stay in this position for prolonged periods. Get Rid of Bugs | The Ultimate Guide to Prevent and Get Rid of Insects! There are a few cleaning jobs that you need be extra cautious while doing, or better still, ask someone else to do them: For example, baking soda can be used as a powdered cleanser to scrub greasy areas, pots and pans, sinks, tubs and ovens. Some cleaning products can be harmful to both a pregnant mom and her developing little one. This all-purpose clearing is great to get rid of oils, dirt, and grime. The answer is compl 1 House Cleaning Service. Just remember to use in a well ventilated area and do not mix chemicals. One of the most openly given advice is regarding safe cleaning products to use while pregnant. If the odors are too bothersome, there are other natural products that can often be substituted. Yes, even bleach. They spread the chemicals in a fine mist which you're more likely to breathe in. Many women wonder whether using cleaning products while pregnant is safe. Home Sweet Home : The Dirty Truth | Molly Maid Survey, Infographic: Transform Outdoor Spaces Into Your Oasis, Trade Chores for Snores : Molly Maid Facebook Promotion, ‘My Dirty Jobs’ Cleaning Products and Molly Maid Team Up for Mess Masters Contest, Kristin Selmeczy Chose Molly Maid Over Other Cleaning Franchise Business Opportunities, Molly Maid of Hamilton County Raises Awareness of Domestic Violence, A House Cleaning Checklist for Your Maid or Professional Cleaning Service, Nashville Molly Maid Franchisees Raise Awareness & Funds for Domestic Violence Victims, Ms. Molly Foundation Raises Record Funds to Support Domestic Violence Victims, Domestic Violence Awareness events continue throughout the nation, Matching a charitable cause with your franchise business. Make sure the room is well ventilated if you paint … Share Share Tweet Email Comment. So you don't have to call a maid to do the household cleaning unless you want to. Office Cleaning Checklist: Make Sure Everything Gets Cleaned, Spring Cleaning: The Comprehensive Room-by-Room Checklist, Chore Charts for Kids: Get Kids Doing Chores with This Fun Checklist, How to Stop Spreading Germs at Work During Cold/Flu Season, How to Keep Your Oven & Cabinet Gap Clean, Home Cleaning Schedule: Your Weekly Guide to Keeping Things Clean, Preventing Cold and Flu Around the Home and Office, The Complete Checklist to Prepare Rooms for Holiday Guests. msn back to msn home lifestyle. Skip To Navigation; Skip To Content; Skip To Footer; Sign in. Tips of The Day. The chemicals in these everyday products can be just as toxic to our ... banisters or cupboards while pregnant. There isn't a great deal known about the effects of commonly used cleaning products, so it's best to take extra care when cleaning during pregnancy. Wear personal protection equipment while cleaning. Can I Use Cleaning Chemicals While Pregnant? Women who are pregnant should always consult with their family doctor or OB/GYN to determine which products are safe to use during pregnancy. St. Patrick’s Day Party Planning | Make Your St. Patty’s Day a Hit With These Great Ideas! Exposure to some chemicals can come with risks. Complete List of Bathroom Cleaning Supplies, Cleaning products containing glycol ethers which are typically listed as methoxydiglycol (DEGME) or 2-butoxyethanol (EGBE) which have been connected to birth defects and miscarriage, Phthalates, which are most often related to fragrance although the product may indicate it contains fragrance without specifically mentioning phthalates, which may raise the risk in males for congenital reproductive anomalies, Air fresheners and spray or aerosol cleaners containing phthalates, chlorine, terpenes, ammonia, sodium hydroxide and glycol or glycol-ethylene. Molly Maid: A day in the life of a professional cleaner. Select your service below to get started: Your health and safety are our highest priority during this time. What is Microfiber & Why is it a Superior Dusting and Cleaning Cloth? However, there are some things to be aware of. Using aerosol cleaning products. i am almost six months pregnant and i was wondering if it is safe to use the works tub and shower cleaner while i am pregnant it is very strong smellling … & other tips to stay healthy this flu season, Cleaning Supply Organization Ideas for More Efficient Cleaning, How to Clean (And Lighten Up!) How to Clean Tarnished Silver | The Easy Way, How to Wrangle Your Wrapping Paper on Xmas Morning, Great Gifts for the Messy Person in Your Life. Yes: Generally yes, cleaning products are fine. All Rights Reserved. If you have enjoyed these cleaning tips and want more, count on Molly Maid for all things housekeeping related! Open up the windows, prop the doors open and you shouldn’t have any problems. Having a sparkling clean home is not worth pain or exhaustion. There is little research to indicate that household cleaning products pose a significant danger to pregnant woman or her baby. Here is a list of what to avoid during pregnancy and cleaning with chemicals while pregnant. Thankfully, there are lots of different brands now producing cleaning products that are safe for expectant moms to use. Everything you need to know about maintaining a clean home *No Spam, we promise! Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Maid from TV & Film? How can Cocoa Butter help with my Stretch Marks? Chores for Children at Dinnertime Makes Back-to-School Easier! 8 Tips to Give Your Bathroom the Deep Clean it Deserves! Sign up to receive the latest updates from Molly Maid! The information above is for guidance only, and not the opinion of professionals in the medical field. Yes, the prices tend to be a little higher, but they are often worth it. Of course, don't drink them as well as they can be very harmful to you and the fetus. A solution of vinegar and water can effectively clean many surfaces such as counter tops. There isn't a great deal known about the effects of commonly used cleaning products, so it's best to take extra care when cleaning during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your skin is much more sensitive than usual. Most cleaning products are safe to use while pregnant. One cleaning product you want to avoid is oven cleaner, it is dangerous to breathe in. Here are some of the best, and worst. On the whole, it’s safe to use cleaning products during pregnancy, as long as you take a few precautions. While it might be confusing to know whether this is safe or not, there are a bunch of do’s and don’ts you can stick to and err on the side of caution. Part 2 of 3: Using Safe Cleaning Products. While most cleaning products are considered safe to use during pregnancy, it’s possible to make your own germ-fighting formulas without using bleach, ammonia or other chemical ingredients. Creative Ways to Care for Victims of Domestic Violence, Spring Cleaning Tips and Franchise Achievements: Molly Maid in the News April 2011. Cleaning Grout: Quick Tips for Speedy Tile and Grout Cleaning, Window Cleaning Tips | Cleaning Solutions & Techniques to Clean Like a Pro, Free Time Fridays: Tips and Tricks to Surviving Black Friday. Below are some great organic brands to consider. 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When you first see the pink lines on a pregnancy test, there are lots of things going through your mind. locations by 2010, Ms. Molly Foundation: Providing Help, Hope and Healing, Bloomington Molly Maid Purchases Competitor, Molly Maid To Open Three New Franchise Locations in Long Island; Plans Call for Five More, Molly Maid Signs Six Agreements for New Franchises in First Quarter of 2010, Gene Sunnen Found Success With Molly Maid Franchise. Top 6 Tips to Get (and Keep) Sand Out of Your Car, Garage Organization Ideas for Clearing Clutter, How to Clean Your Showerhead with Vinegar, Carpet and Rug Cleaning: Regular Care Makes Your Carpets Last, Free Time Fridays: Favorite Online Videos, Get Rid of Hard-to-Clean Glitter Once and For All, How to Clean Wood Floors | Best Dust Mops for Wood Floors, How to Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products, How to Clean Grout: Get the Grime Out of Your Tile Floor, The Ultimate Cleaning Products List for Every Room in Your House, How to Clean Tile Floors Fast and Efficiently, Exterior House Cleaning: Windows, Cobwebs and Mats, Natural Bug Prevention: Kill Bugs without the Harsh Chemicals, 5 Golden Rules | Ideas to Get Kids Involved in Cleaning, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Pest Control Methods, Tips, & Products, Cleaning with Vinegar Solutions: Ways to Use and Places to Avoid, Bug Control: 5 Interesting Facts on Getting Rid of Insects, Mosquito Control: How to Trap, Prevent, & Get Rid of Mosquitoes, Vacuuming: Carpets Last Longer with Regularly Scheduled Cleaning, 5 Tips on Getting Organized for Back to School. Or choose products that are environmentally friendlier, such as white distilled vinegar and baking soda. Spray and aerosol cleaners are considered more dangerous due to the fact they’re more easily inhaled; air fresheners are another concern you may want to know more about. What can I expect from a professional cleaning service? Properly Saving Thanksgiving Leftovers so You Don’t Get Sick! Top 10 Thoughtful and Affordable Father’s Day Gifts, April Fools: Guide to Avoid Cleaning Until Somebody Else Does, Guy’s Guide to Cleaning for Valentine’s Day, 3 Things Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day. The best advice for using safe cleaning products during pregnancy is this: use soap and hot water to wash your hands and most of your home. However, the Association also recognizes that pregnant women can become easily nauseated and that some are generally uncomfortable around any chemicals during pregnancy; for those women, it’s recommended that they use baking soda, vinegar, and other alternative cleaning … Ammonia and chlorine fumes, however, can produce nausea in a pregnant woman. The Best Way to Keep Your Cabinets Clean Inside & Out, How to Clean the Sticky Cup Holder in Your Car, Campsite Ideas | Cool Tips to Keep Your Camp Clean, Best Steam Mop and Spray Mop for Your Floors, Tips for Keeping Hand Sanitizer at the Ready, How to Clean the Inside of Your Car (& Keep It Clean), Make Your Own Affordable Laundry Detergent, How to Clean a Sink Without Harsh Chemicals, How to Keep Your Winter Apparel Organized, Range Hood Cleaning & Exhaust Fan Filter Degreasing Tips, Complete List of Interior Car Cleaning Supplies, Linen Cabinet and Closet Organization Ideas. Special concerns for using cleaning products while pregnant. How to Organize Your Pantry Like a Super Mom, Stop Stepping on Toys with Creative Toy Storage Ideas, Thanksgiving Crafts and Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table, Clean Up Before & After the Holiday Party, Get Your Flu Shot! Is it safe to use household cleaning products while pregnant? These may include: Products based on ammonia or chlorine are unlikely to cause harm to an unborn baby. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Kids and what Mom Really Wants! But if you’re pregnant, you may want to consider the chemicals that are found in cleaning products and other household items, so you can keep you and your baby safe. Molly Maid’s Top Tips for Minimizing Mold in the Home, Complete List of Window Cleaning Supplies, Free Time Fridays: Farmer’s Markets & U-Pick Produce, Indoor and Outdoor Homemade Window Cleaning Solution, Getting Kids to Clean: 5 Easy Tips to Effectively Clean and Stay Organized, How to Clean a Shower Curtain in the Washing Machine, How to Keep Your Home Sanitized During Flu Season, Our Favorite Underutilized Storage Spaces. If you must reach something that’s a little high, consider a step stool or have your partner, husband or someone else take care of the task for you. 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Natural cleaning products use plant oils, Castile soap, salt, baking soda, lemon or vinegar, ingredients that may normally be found around your home. To clean safely during your pregnancy, make sure you have plenty of fresh air circulating where you're working. Give yourself permission to take as many breaks as you need to, which can be long or short. Great Board Games for Parties and Family Fun, Staging a House for Sale: Open House Tips to Create Curb Appeal, How to Get Rid of Flies and Keep Bugs Out of the House This Summer, Fun Family Summer Activities: Fun Tips and Ideas for the Entire Family, Organize for School: Get Your Home Organized for Back-to-School, Cleaning with Kids: Turn Cleaning into a Family Affair, Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Step-by-Step Instructions to Eliminate Bed Bugs, Molly Maid Bolsters Iconic Pink and Blue Uniforms with Pink “Mop” Slippers: A Breakthrough in Home Cleaning Technology, Family Cleaning – Tactics to Stay on Top of Household Chores. Questioning Whether or Not a Cleaning Franchise is Right for You? I always thought that being pregnant myself was stressful, but I am thinking being the friend of a newly pregnant mom for the first time may be just as stressful. Don't over do it and over exert yourself. If any fumes make you feel sick, ask someone else to do the cleaning. When using these products you should wear rubber gloves and open windows and doors to make sure the area is well-ventilated. Advertisement. Probably avoid strong acids or bleaches. Sweepstakes for Molly Maid Gift Certificates, Don’t Forget to Clean Your Toothbrush Holder, Eliminating Pollen and Allergens From Your Work Space and Home, Molly Maid Supports Victims of Domestic Violence, Giving Victims of Domestic Violence a Second Chance, Facebook Sweepstakes: Mom Hates Grime, Give the Gift of Time, Molly Maid Signs Agreements with Eight New Franchisees in Second Quarter of 2010, Ms. Molly Foundation clothing drive for The Genesis Women’s Shelter, Molly Maid Franchise Owners John and Lisa Allard Recognized as No. https://www.mollymaid.com/.../2018/may/cleaning-while-pregnant-what-s-safe- What about bending over or trying to reach high places when cleaning your home? This will reduce the amount of chemicals that you breathe in. | Ideas and Supplies for Making Jam, How to Disinfect All the Nasty Stuff in Your Carpet, You Should Seriously Clean Those Nasty Earbuds, How to Afford Maid Services | The Value of Time. While most are safe to use, there are some you may want to avoid completely. Doing household chores like cleaning the house while you are pregnant can be a real pain, not only because you are going through a lot physically but also because you are required to be much more discerning when it comes to choosing the products you use. At least during the 9 months of pregnancy and early months with a little one in the house. https://www.whattoexpect.com/.../pregnancy-safe-cleaning-products-home Use safe, non-toxic cleaning products the rest of the time. Unfortunately ladies, most cleaning products are safe to use during pregnancy. You know that the majority of cleaning products contain toxic substances. Molly Maid…A wonderfully uncomplicated opportunity with surprising rewards. Pregnancy & Baby-Safe Cleaning Options Choose non-toxic or organic brands. Family House Cleaning Schedule – A Weekly Schedule to Keep it Clean! Pregnancy is not an excuse (unfortunately, for some) for getting out of household chores. Copyright © Molly Maid. The fear of using products during pregnancy quickly spread through media as a thorough study that was performed in Bristol (United Kingdom) demonstrated the degree of danger of these products for a pregnant woman and her baby. Summer Cleaning Tips: Ideas for your Windows, Grill, Luggage and Much More! How to Mop and Clean Wood, Vinyl, and Laminate Floors, How to Get Rid of Ants with Natural and Non-Toxic Ant Control Methods, Deep Cleaning the Kitchen, Oven and Refrigerator Like a Professional, Taking Out the Trash: Tips and Tricks to Keep Garbage Clean, 7 Dirtiest Places in the Office and How to Get Them Clean, Laundry Room Ideas | Laundry Design Ideas to Maximize Storage, Dusting Tools: The 4 Must-Have Tools for Fast, Effective Dusting. Best Vacuum Cleaners | Choosing the Right Canister or Upright, How to Boost Your Immune System During Cold and Flu Season. Unfortunately, ladies, most products are safe to use for cleaning during pregnancy. Is It OK to Use My Oven’s Self-Cleaning Mode? Spring Cleaning Tips – 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Clean-Up Faster! Chlorine, detergents, bleach, added dyes and fragrances — stuff you’ll likely find in many of your cleaning supplies — are all potential culprits. powered by Microsoft News. So get a pair of latex gloves and use them every time you … Do’s. Using Safe Cleaning Products Is Important While Pregnant, Here Are Some Of The Best. The medical condition that experts are most confident about can be caused is asthma, even in the first years of the … Most of the ingredients listed above are considered safe to use if they are not in spray or aerosol form. Enter to WIN - “Maid for Moms” Sweepstakes is Back! It’s never advisable to climb or stand on a ladder, either, as your growing girth can impact your center of gravity. If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering where it is safe for you to be using cleaning products while pregnant. To be on the safe side, wear gloves and avoid breathing in fumes from products such as oven and tile cleaners. Molly Maid Included As Top Franchise Opportunity in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Get the Job Done. 1. A wonderful all-purpose cleaning supply that is safe to use while you are pregnant is ECOS. If you’re in the process of designing the baby’s nursery, you may be interested in creating a nook where your child will enjoy reading and learning for years to come! The answer is yes, absolutely, because the products you have in your home are safe for use when the directions are followed and normal precautions are taken! On the whole, it's safe to use cleaning products during pregnancy, as long as you take a few precautions. Your Purse, At-Home Weddings Preparations | Who You Should Have on Your Team, Carpet Cleaning: Tips to Make Your Carpet Last, Getting Rid of Fruit Flies Starts with a Clean Kitchen, Office Cleaning Tips: How to Clean a Keyboard, Computer Monitor and Mouse, How to Clean Spilled Milk on Carpet & Fabric, How to Keep Kids’ Rooms Clean and Organized, Eliminate Bugs and Pests: Keep Your Home Clean and Insect-free. For example, household cleaners that indicate they are toxic should probably be avoided. Paint. Cleaning while pregnant – products or ingredients to avoid. The Difference between Privately and Publicly Stored Cord Blood. Your first step should be to shop for non-toxic cleaning products. Ms. Molly Foundation passes $1,000,000 in funds raised to assist victims of Domestic Violence! Products that never bothered you before could cause contact dermatitis — and turn your skin into an itchy, irritated, inflamed mess. 10-minute Kitchen Clean | How to Clean Your Kitchen Fast, 10 Complaints Busy Moms Have About the State of the House, How to Clean Roasting Pan With Baked-On Food, How to Decorate a Guest Bathroom So Guests Feel Pampered, How to Get Grease Stains Out of Your Favorite Clothes, 6 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them, How to Be Berry Good at Berry Stain Removal, Use Oil-Based Paint to Neutralize Pet Urine in Subflooring, A Hairy Situation: How to Control Dog Shedding, One-Day Deep-Cleaning Projects: Bedroom, Bathroom & Kitchen, Clean Leather Like a Pro and Remove Stains from Leather Furniture.

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