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darth maul height

… A Zabrak Nightbrother male from Dathomir, Maul later resurfaced during the Clone Wars and sought revenge against all who had wronged him turning to a life of crime and terrorism and plunged much of the galaxy into fear and chaos in the process. Defeated a group of Grievous' Magnaguards with ease. Kicked the Seventh Sister Inquisitor back several feet. Collection: Episode I The figure is fun, and that’s the point of this line. Briefly contended with Darth Sidious, though the latter was largely holding back. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Was seen by Darth Sidious as a mere Sith Assassin than as a true Sith Lord. Traversed the deadly wastes of the Dune Sea for some time, and continued on even further. "Darth Maul's intimidating appearance and brutal elegance in battle strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest foes. Like the CommTech basic figures, it's an actor reciting lines from the film or talking “Star Wars” things. Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Darth Maul for this review SITH INFILTRATOR MODE Height: 4.5cm Length: 17cm Width: 12.5cm A sleek grey single-man space cruiser with some matte light grey on top and silver missile protruding from the wingtips, the front is essentially a flat wedge while the wings protrude from the rear. All Visual Guides, images, and content are the property of JediTempleArchives.com, © 2004-2019 and may not be reused without permission. But Maul survived, though his mind was broken from the ordeal as he ended up on the junk planet Lotho Minor. Gave Obi-Wan noticeable difficulty in their second encounter since his "resurrection". Claims he has become indifferent to pain after being tortured with Count Dooku's Force Lightning. Leaped a great distance toward Imperial Inquisitors. Darth Maul and the High Ground - Why Anakin Loses to Obi-Wan The climactic lightsaber duel of Revenge of the Sith is a largely even fight - neither Obi-Wan or Anakin has the upper hand until the end, when Obi-Wan comes out on top. After meeting Ezra Bridger and failing to make him his new apprentice, he found Obi-Wan on Tatooine and was quickly cut down, but he passed peacefully once Obi-Wan assured him that the one he was watching would end the reign of the Sith for good. Ultimately killed by that poster boy; Obi-Wan Kenobi, twice. Got slashed in the chest by Obi-Wan, and took a while to go down. However, it seems as if kids will thoroughly enjoy the play features Hasbro added here. No one embodies the dark side of the Force like the sinister Darth Maul. Maul, once known as Darth Maul, was a Force-sensitive Dathomirian Zabrak male and dark side warrior who served as the apprentice of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious, during the final years of the Galactic Republic, and later reigned as a crime lord of the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn during the rule of the Galactic Empire. Under orders from his master Darth Sidious, he seeks to destroy two of the galaxy's most noble Jedi: Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is married to Sarah Alexander.They have two children. Showcased impressive agility against multiple Imperial Inquisitor attacks. -Darth Maul This life-sized bust stands 17.4" tall, with a perfectly rendered likeness to the Dathomirian sith. Infiltrated a hijacked Trade Federation vessel and slaughtered the inhabitants. Staggers an armored Inquisitor with his cane, and a kick. Availability: May 1999 Killed an unarmed Fifth Brother before he could react. He was a Sith Lord and the first apprentice of Darth Sidious prior to the Battle of Naboo and his abandonment by his former master. Flipped off his speeder and engaged Qui-Gon. Interestingly, these figures required all-new sculpts. The Action Collection is a fantastic line for adult collectors, but Hasbro is limited with what they can do with the line because they utilize the same buck for almost every figure in the line. Broke through a window while grappling with multiple thugs. Product Name Darth Maul™ Height Approximately 29 cm tall; Points of Articulations 30; Special Features Highly-accurate facial expression with detailed pointed horns, iconic tattoos and skin texture; Artists Head Sculpted by Tae Ho Kang Head Painted by JC. "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. Fought his way through several batteries of clones in a Jedi cruiser without his lightsaber, using the walls as blast shields. Sometime after losing the Siege of Mandalore, Maul took up residence on Dathomir and became the shadowy leader of a new criminal organization, the Crimson Dawn, known for being ruthless in nature. Darth Maulwas amaleDathomirianZabrakSith Lord. That feels like a missed opportunity here. hong. Darth Maul Ring Names Darth Maul: Height 5'8" Weight Class Light Heavyweight Billed … Survived on Mustafar with no provisions and broken limbs for 17 days before he was 10. This is the most perfectly-scaled Darth Maul one-sixth scale figure in the entire Episode I line. Joe: Retaliation, and Edgar on Heroes. Darth Maul Was Originally A Woman. To make the 12 Inch Figures more appealing to a younger generation of Star Wars fans, Hasbro produced a line of figures in 12” scale for the Episode I line that included electronics and action features. Once again, not everyone will be interested in the figures in this exclusive line of “Electronic Talking” figures, but you cannot discount the quality of them one bit. Maul was designed by Iain McCaig, who designed him based on the concepts of his "worst nightmare", requested by George Lucas. Easily took the crew of the Ghost (barring Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger) hostage. These back buttons also activate the battle sounds. His signature heavy breathing is the result of injuries sustained in his near-death battle with Obi-Wan, and one of the most recognizable sounds in the trilogy. The boy who would become known as Darth Maul was born the son of Mother Talzin on Dathomir. Took revenge against Obi-Wan by murdering his significant other in front of him and leaving him to grieve in his prison cell. We wish that the basic figures comparably looked this emotional, angry, and enraged as this head sculpt does. Skillfully crafted based on the appearance of Darth Maul in the film, the sixth scale collectible figure features a newly developed head sculpt with stunning likeness, finely tailored outfit and robe, highly detailed robotic legs, Maul’s iconic double-bladed lightsaber with LED light-up function and interchangeable lightsaber blades emulating the weapon in motion. Defended against blaster fire from Sugi and Dengar. Claims he could end the lives of multiple thugs extremely fast by using his lightsaber. Despite it being his most famous attribute, in and out of the Star Wars universe, Maul is. Defeated his brother Savage Opress in a matter of seconds, showcasing his superiority to him. Dodged an Imperial Inquisitor trying to blitz him from behind. You’re right.”—Diverging Paths, Part III Maul attacked Jinn and Kenobi on Tatooine. Maul was taken by Sidious from his home and separated from his two brothers, Savage Opress and Feral and trained to be a weapon fueled by the dark side of the Force. Briefly ruled Mandalore after killing Pre Vizsla. But beyond the excellent head sculpt, Darth Maul also has a spectacular paint job. Outmaneuvered Obi-Wan by swinging around a pole. The design was scrapped as Lucas felt it was too scary, though it was later used as a basis for the Nightsisters (specifically for Mother Talzin). Before his first birthday, Talzin gave Maul and his brother Opress their first tattoos. hong head art directed by jc. Collectors will likely have no interest in them. But the figure’s most-impressive feature is the head sculpt. Killed a Barabel with a single kick to the head. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I. Spent a fair amount of time in the deserts of Tatooine with no food or water, and while he was killed he was still able to fight. While leading the Shadow Collective, he captured both General Grievous and Count Dooku. Prefers not to use Force abilities during battle, instead relying solely on martial ability to defeat his opponents. Please do not direct link to any of the content on this web site. As briefly mentioned, Darth Maul (Electronic Talking) comes with sound effects, speaks phrases, and comes loaded with action features. Darth Vader, portrayed by David Prowse in Star Wars, is 6 foot 8 inches (2.03 m) tall. Articulation Count: 19 points (13 areas of articulation), Articulation Details: ball-socket head (1), swivel left shoulder (1), swivel right shoulder (1), hinge-jointed left elbow (1), hinge-jointed right elbow (1), swivel left wrist (1), swivel right wrist (1), ball-jointed left hip (2), ball-jointed right hip (2), ball-jointed left knee (2), ball-jointed right knee (2), ball-jointed left ankle (2), ball-jointed right ankle (2), Accessory Details: double-bladed ligfhtsaber hilt, 2 lightsaber blades, Feature Details: press buttons to make me talk and activate battle sounds, assemble lightsaber – move lever side-to-side to activate lightsaber combat action and battle sounds. Flipped over Qui-Gon, avoiding his strike. Darth Maul, portrayed by Ray Park, is 5 foot 10 inches (1.78 m) tall. Yes, Hasbro designed all of these features for kids to engage them. His double-bladed lightsaber can be a huge target. Images and videos of Darth Maul from the Star Wars franchise. Also of note, Hasbro developed a beautiful soft-goods skirt for Darth Maul (Electronic Talking), and it brings depth and dimension to an already excellent figure. At one point Darth Maul and Darth Vader team-up as The Dark Lords of The Sith (or also Darth Lords). From United States Type: Figurine Character: Darth Maul Height: 7-9.9" Star Wars 2000 Darth Maul Statue Hard Copy Version Hard To Find ~ #HC18/1500 C $474.01 Darth Maul's striking visual design, in addition to his limited role in the film, have left many fans wanting to know more about him. And the detail throughout the figure’s body is impressive as well. Scale: 12 Inch Figures Slaughtered a pack of Rathtars with ease. Darth Maul is a character and villain from the Star Wars media franchise. Move the limbs into any battle pose. But with the Darth Maul (Electronic Talking) figure, they were able to revisit the character’s height among the other 12 Inch Figures. He battled briefly with Qui-Gon Jinn, the Queen’s Jedi escort, but could not reach his target.Later, Maul waited for Amidala on Naboo, where he dueled with Qui-Gon and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Status: Darth Maul (Electronic Talking) is an all-new figure. Slaughtered multiple groups of deadly bounty hunters with Eldra Kaitis. During the Clone Wars, Maul was found by his brother Savage Opress and brought to Talzin to restore his mind. Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on listings. Number: N/A Destroyed hundreds upon hundreds of assassin droids non-stop during his trial to become a Sith Lord. Lifted and manhandled Obi-Wan as if he were a child. The red and black don’t bleed into each other, and the lines are crisp and expertly applied. But we do have to comment that if they bothered to add electronics, we wish they would have added them to the lightsaber to have the blades light up. Tore apart a Venator-class cruiser from the inside using the Force. Well, we know the height is accurate to the on-screen character. His mechanical legs did not hinder his speed. Darth Maul in Fan Frenzy. Darth Maul's action pose makes for a great display with other STAR WARS ARTFX+ statues. Pulled down an Eta-class shuttle, breaking its landing struts in the process. Darth Maul made his debut in All-CAW Wrestling on its second mega event Fan Frenzy where he got defeated by Luke Skywalker but after the match,him and Darth Vader quickly attacked Luke. Deflected the blaster fire of multiple Hutt Clan guards. Star Wars is a Copyright and Trademark of LucasFilm LTD. Hunting his targets to the planet Naboo, the sinister Sith lord strikes at his opponents with a double-bladed lightsaber and all the power of the dark side. Though he got his revenge on Obi-Wan, Maul's criminal empire fell apart when Sidious intervened. Maul acted in the shadows and bided his time to make his move during the starting days of the Rebel Alliance against his former master's Empire. Blitzed and blinded Kanan Jarrus before he or. Disappeared before two Jedi could see him. Maul eventually made his presence known to the Jedi when ordered by Sidious to capture Queen Padmé Amidala as part of their deal with the Trade Federation, managing to mortally wound Qui-Gon Jinn before Obi-Wan Kenobi sliced Maul in half at the waist, with the bifurcated Sith falling to his assumed death. Burst into a room and flipped through it, leaving several after images while deflecting blaster fire. A Force-sensitive Dathomirian Zabrak male, Savage Opress was born to Kycina, a Nightsister of the planet Dathomir, prior to the year 54 BBY. As a Dathomirian Zabrak male, he was a Nightbrother and had two blood brothers, Feral and Savage Opress. At last we will have revenge." Darth Maul, later simply Maul, is a fictional character and a major antagonist in the Star Wars franchise.A powerful Zabrak Sith lord and Darth Sidious' first known apprentice, he first appeared in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999), portrayed by Ray Park and voiced by Peter Serafinowicz.Though seemingly killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi at the end of the film, he returned in the … Highly posable Darth Maul buildable figure features amazing head detailing, textile tunic, double-bladed Lightsaber and wheel-operated arm-swinging battle function. Darth Plagueis was a male Dark Lord of the Sith who, at some point, chose Sheev Palpatine, a human from Naboo, as his apprentice. 1 Gallery 1.1 Images 1.1.1 Miscellaneous 1.1.2 The Phantom Menace 1.1.3 Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1.1.4 Solo: A Star Wars Story 1.1.5 Star Wars Rebels 1.2 Videos Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Survived being cut in half at the waist by a lightsaber. Parts Needed: 3474 Includes: Full PDF Instructions File (1 When Maul was a child, Mother Talzin became an ally of Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and the two exchanged wisdom and power. Hong Took a hefty elbow and slap from Qui-Gon, then fell several meters onto his back with little harm. One of his initial concepts featured a design where Maul was portrayed as a pale white figure covered in blood-red ribbons. But with the Darth Maul (Electronic Talking) figure, they were able to revisit the character’s height among the other 12 Inch Figures. Darth Maul longed for revenge against the Jedi. Includes interchangeable arms and heads, allowing for the creation of a variety of poses. Darth Maul (Electronic Talking) was one figure in the first wave of these new 12 Inch Figures, and it’s better than you might think it is. Never has Darth Maul looked so angry and determined to take down the Jedi once and for all. Contrary to popular belief: lightsabers can't cut through everything. Hasbro couldn’t rely on the standard bucks they used in years past. Deflected Vizsla's gunfire and dodged his flamethrower. Survived grenade explosions at extremely close range with seemingly no significant injuries. Darth Maul was a Dathomirian Zabrak Sith lord, the first known apprentice of Darth Sidious and Obi-Wan Kenobi's archenemy. Killed a Wampa despite being heavily injured and proceeded to rip its heart out. And instead of using a generic buck with a new portrait and scene-specific soft-goods costume, Hasbro set aside a budget for the Electronic Talking line of Episode I figures to receive all-new tooling. Height 5'9 6'3 (Cybernetic legs Phase II) Weight 176.37lbs Alignment: Neutral Evil Darth Maul is a major antagonist in the Star Wars franchise. Threw Embo's Anooba hound off of himself. product name darth maul; height approximately 29 cm tall; points of articulations 32; special features articulated robotic legs with metallic painting and weathering effects, specialized seat for darth maul, hologram figures of darth qi’ramaul and; artists head sculpted by tae ho kang head painted by e-lee & jc. The user presses the buttons on the back of the figure to make it talk. Pushed Vizsla out of the air with a kick, causing his jetpack to break. Index | Popular | Top rated | Random | Quick Search, Name: Darth Maul (Electronic Talking) To top that off, a brand new Darth Maul novel has been announced and will be released in 2014. He is an actor and producer, known for Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Spy (2015) and Shaun of the Dead (2004). Simultaneously deflected two blaster shots with ease. Opress eventually became the elder to two brothers, Maul and Feral. This bust looks stunning displayed alongside our Darth Maul Lightsaber! He was finally unleashed by his Master, Darth Sidious, in an assassination attempt on Queen Amidala on the outskirts of Tatooine. Maul ordered Kast to lock Grievous away in the outpost's brig while he spoke with Dooku. Darth Maul is driven by pure hatred for all things, particularly the Jedi, though he does have a sense of honor, granting worthy foes quick deaths. Not since the height of the Phantom Menace hype back in 1999 has Darth Maul been this popular. Originally a warrior of the Nightbrother clan on the planet Dathomir, inhabited by the dominant Nightsister witchcraft society led by Mother Talzin, Maul was taken under the guidance of Darth Sidious to be his Sith apprentice. 1 Main Timeline 1.1 Tatooine Encounter 1.2 Naboo Fight 1.3 Impersonation by Kenobi 2 OtherWhen “If what you’re thinking is that it was a Sith—well, I’m terribly sorry. In Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul was played by martial arts specialist Ray Park and voiced by British actor Peter Serafinowicz. His return to the Star Wars Universe via the animated show The Clone Wars has brought Darth Maul back into the public consciousness. Peter Serafinowicz was born on July 10, 1972 in Liverpool, England as Peter Szymon Serafinowicz. Maul focuses on complete victory at any cost and even his master finds it somewhat terrifying how much pain he will endure to succeed in his goals. But we dont have to wait until 2014 for some great Darth Maul stories. Character Profile Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. As master and disciple, Plagueis and Palpatine—who took the Sith moniker Darth Sidious—worked together, trying to unlock the secrets of immortality and to execute their order's long-percolating plan of supplanting the Galactic Republic with a new Sith Empire. Tanked a Force Push from a heavily holding back Sidious. The stunts and combat performances of the Sith apprentice were provided by martial artist Ray Park, but he didn't provide the dialogue. An amazingly detailed sculpt features all the details of Darth Maul's intricate facial tattoos. The Shadow Collective took their captives back to Vizsla Keep 09, a Mandalorian supply outpost hidden in the rings of Phelbos, and Maul contacted his old master, Sidious, informing him of their capture. A Galactic Republi… This site is intended for informational purposes only, and is not in anyway associated with LFL. Took down Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan simultaneously, killing Qui Gon in the process. Once you assemble the lightsaber in both of the figure’s hands, you can move the lever on its back from side-to-side to activate the lightsaber combat action and battle sounds. Pushed Obi-Wan and debris hard enough to collapse a hallway. He was a Sith Lord and the first apprentice of Darth Sidious prior to the Battle of Naboo and his abandonment by his former master. Maul bravely takes on any challe… Maul, feeling cheated out of the glory he was to play in Sidious's master plan, enacted revenge on Obi-Wan while establishing a criminal empire on Mandalore. Ironically, both Jinn and Kryze were killed by Maul. The double-bladed lightsaber breaks down into three parts: hilt and two blades. During infancy, Opress and Maul underwent rituals to be consecrated as initiates in Dathomir's Nightbrothers, a clan of warriors subservient only to the matriarchal Nightsisters, who kept them for breeding and warfare. Got inked in the face by a Quarren, and took a beating. Deflected blaster shots from three Ghost crew members while magnetized upside down, then reflected a shot at the magnet mechanism to free himself.

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