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darth maul brother

He used it in many battles, like at Cybloc Station, on Florrum,[14] and while dueling Sidious, in which fight he lost his life. Darth Maul bides his time as he waits for his Master’s plan to conquer the galaxy by taking out the competition in the criminal underworld. Because the temple served as a military outpost for the Republic and the Jedi Order, the base's capture would enable the Confederacy to conquer that area of the galaxy. [11], Savage Opress in LEGO minifigure form, as in LEGO set 7957 Sith Nightspeeder. He set off explosives to kill any remaining police he hadn't already cut down before. He used his pike in combination with hand to hand combat knowledge to become a dangerous opponent, and even more, due to the transformation of Mother Talzin, which gave him inhuman strength, agility, and endurance. Koon, injured, could no longer fight and began to gasp for air. Maul's mind was restored, and he received a new pair of cybernetic legs, drawn from the remains of his previous set. Vol. At Last -- The Secret of Darth Maul is Revealed! [43], Opress took Maul back to Dathomir via the Turtle Tanker so that he could be healed by Mother Talzin. Superman & Lois May Be Exactly What the Arrowverse NEEDS Right Now, Star Wars: The Disturbing Tragedy of Darth Maul's Forgotten Brother, Feral, Boba Fett Doesn't NEED to Be Redeemed - The Clone Wars Already Did That, Rogue One & Solo Were Made For Star Wars TV Fans, The Clone Wars Homaged a Harrison Ford Movie (And It Wasn't Star Wars), Wonder Woman: The 1975 Show's Original Nazi Villains Made a RIDICULOUS Blunder, Bridgerton: How Daphne Bridgerton's Father, Edmund, Died, WandaVision Releases Soundtracks from First Two Episodes, Marvel TV's Teen Found Families Are the Strongest, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Confronts Its Bro-grammer Problem. Eye color A lightsaber duel began, with Maul and Opress pitting their combined strength against Ventress and Kenobi.[44]. Asadora! Upon being approached by a soldier, Maul influenced the man into carrying a live thermal detonator into the rest of the forces, wiping out a majority of the perimeter defenses. Yellow with black tattoos[11] His brother Savage Oppress, another top level character, seeks him out and this episode builds great anticipation for what lies ahead. With the inert Katuunko slung over his shoulder, Opress dueled with Kenobi and Skywalker atop the repulsorpods. The brothers made their way to the Florrum system, where they came across a pirate frigate under the command of Jiro. In what became a three-way lightsaber duel, Opress overcame Ventress's spell of control and also terminated his service to Dooku, further battling his way through Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi before escaping to Dathomir. Explore all of Wookieepedia's media for this article subject: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [Source]. [13] Beaten and wounded,[1] Opress turned on both Ventress and Dooku, grabbing them in a powerful Force choke and then telekinetically throwing them against an adjacent wall. She then jumped onto his shoulders and assaulted him with punches to the head; yet he retained the upper hand due to the fact that she was unarmed. Once Kenobi reclaimed his own lightsaber from Maul and returned Ventress's lightsaber to her, Opress engaged her in saberlock after saberlock, attempting to breach her defenses with his brute strength. Meanwhile, Maul manipulated the Moorjhoni people into attacking the mining facility as a means of distraction to rescue his captured brother. Shortly after he challenged Savage, the angered Dark Jedi cut off his right hand, disarming him in the process. While Talzin vanished, Maul finally recognized his brother and experimented with his new legs, running outside to the debris fields with Opress following in his wake. The wampas surprised the team, killing at least two clone troopers; however, the Jedi had no trouble with them, especially Master Jun-Fan who managed to take one down, unarmed, but this wasn't the case with Opress and Maul. Maul demanded Ohnaka's cooperation and clearly demonstrated the price of resistance by executing one of the less complacent pirates. Ventress touched her finger to Opress's forehead,[13] recalling the memory of his allegiance to her[41] and activating the spell that ensured his loyalty to the Nightsisters. Upon entering a local cantina, the bartender directs the two to Nukss, who was in charge of a gang known as The Scourge. Once they landed near the Nightsister fortress, Opress left his delusional brother aboard while he sought out the Nightsister shaman. Amidst the burning flames of the settlement's remains, Opress surprised Kenobi from behind, exchanging a series of lightsaber attacks before disarming him. After Maul bested Death Watch's leader Pre Vizsla in combat, the Sith Lord was successful in … After the gang threatens them, Maul issues them a threat in return: submit or die. Vizsla and his lieutenant, Bo-Katan, then arrived and announced that the alliance had been accepted by the rest of the Death Watch.[4][12]. [1][13], Now a monstrous warrior[1] whose sole purpose was to kill all those in his path,[18] Opress's first instinctive act when awoken was to choke Ventress with his bare hands. Zika stated this was more than enough proof that Opress and his brother were inside the diner, and took his payment and ran off. [15] Kycina concealed Maul's existence from Talzin and secretly gave him away at Dathomir's Blue Desert City before he was a standard year of age,[17] while Opress and Feral were taken from their mother by Talzin. [13] Katuunko had previously spurned an offer from Dooku to join the Confederacy,[39] and Dooku, holding a grudge,[40] sought to force the Toydarian monarch into siding with the Separatists. Maul was extremely close to defeating Obi-Wan but he managed… [32] In addition, the Nightsisters placed him under their control so that Ventress could dictate his actions[11] via a spell of loyalty. Disgusted with Morley, who he believed had failed to help Maul, Opress cracked his spine and tossed him onto the fire, then rejoined his brother. Although Opress did not always agree with Maul, and once challenged him to a duel, the two brothers genuinely cared about each other, as seen by Maul's remorse upon Savage's death and when Savage believed that he had let his brother and master down and been an unworthy apprentice. Maul's scheming was soon interrupted, however, by the arrival of Maul's former master, Darth Sidious. [23] Opress often sparred with Feral in his free time,[11] and he learned much about cruelty in his early life. The first Minifigure form of Darth Maul was released in 1999, as a part of the Star Wars Episode I line, in two sets. The Dark Lord shoved the towering Zabrak onto the lower pavement below with the Force. The Jedi High Council sent task forces to hunt them down on Pleem's Nexus and Moorjhone, with Kenobi always among the contenders. [23] Nightsisters often came to the village for the Selection, a ritual series of tests in which the witches claimed servants[11] and mates[24] from the Nightbrothers' nine formidable[25] tribal heads,[11] with death awaiting those who failed the challenges. But when separated from his brother, his immense strength and overwhelming brutality proved to be no match for Sidious's flawlessly cunning swordsmanship. [13], Believing up until that point that the[13] now-dead Feral[11] had been the last of his kin, Opress had been unaware of his second brother's existence. The two soon found themselves on Yellowblade's Landing where the duo wished to find recruits for an army they wished to form. [2] Opress eventually became the elder to two brothers, Maul[15] and Feral. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who Are the Jedi? WandaVision Isn’t a Good MCU Entry Point for New Fans, Batwoman Stars Describe Season 2 in a Single Word, Sorry, Daredevil: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Nailed the Long Take, The Watch Finally Unleashes Its BLOODTHIRSTY Werewolf, Titans' Barbara Gordon Stunt Video Reveals Oracle's Weapons, REPORT: Batman: The Animated Series Sequel in Development for HBO Max. Nevertheless, both brothers were among the six clan leaders who were deemed fit as candidates for the Selection, to Opress's dismay. And after he was impaled and left for dead by Darth Sidious, Savage expressed his disappointment in himself, claiming that he was not like Maul and never was, undoubtedly remembering the love he felt for Feral -- and still felt for Maul. Savage fought valiantly, but was ultimately no match for the Dark Lord of the Sith. The duel was long and intense, with Maul being successful in separating the two Jedi. Jeffrey Konkin is a reader, writer, screenplay writer and gamer based in South Delta, Canada. He is unlocked via a secret code, MELL07. Opress finds his brother, Darth Maul, in the tunnel caves of Lotho Minor. It was here, when Grohto was killed by Maul by a lightsaber through his chest. [50], With Plo Koon, Jun-Fan, and the clone soldiers in the upper level dealing with the wampas, only Grohto was able to intervene with Maul. After killing Noggox and the entirety of his bodyguard entourage, Opress made his way back to the solar sailer to announce his success to Dooku. Opress nearly killed the Pantoran, but Maul stopped him and told Opress to head to the shuttle for their escape. [12], Opress proved to be a powerful, albeit slightly clumsy, lightsaber duelist. They met up with a band of bounty hunters outside the diner, and began to send in the hunters to claim the price on their heads. Together they sought to build a criminal empire with the help of Black Sun and the Mandalorians, but Sidious found them on Mandalore and killed Opress. [50], Once Maul and Opress reached Pleem's Nexus, the two landed at Esano's palace, with his sister requesting that he pay the Sith their reward for rescuing her, otherwise, they would kill her. He continued into the palace, cutting through the main entrance door and[13] effortlessly[41] killing the six remaining guards between him and Katuunko, who refused to be intimidated by an assassin. [31] The two other warriors fell to Ventress's deadly chain-sickle in quick succession, but Opress managed to pinpoint Ventress's third strike in time to pull himself and Feral out of harm's way. [44] Opress was an incredibly fast learner, able to overwhelm another Councilor, Plo Koon to the point of rendering him helpless before Skywalker and Kenobi intervened on their starfighters. The site of the village was littered with Nightsister corpses and debris from Separatist weaponry, which Talzin—once she appeared to him, materializing out of the mist—explained had been left when Dooku ordered the massacre of the entire Nightsisters clan. He was also a gifted hand-to-hand combatant, being able to fight nearly on par with Asajj Ventress. Not only was he unable to resist or counter Tyranus' Force lightning,[13] but his defenses were useless against Sidious' telekinetic power. Although Maul wanted to draw out his torture of Kenobi, the Nightbrothers soon discovered that they had a stowaway aboard: Asajj Ventress, who had become a bounty hunter and—besides seeking the price on Opress[44]—sought to tie up loose ends with him. Opress and Maul eliminated the six gang members with ease, with Nukss easily killed by Maul. Grohto saved Kenobi's life by breaking Maul's concentration, but the price for saving Obi-Wan's life was paid with his own as he was killed by Maul as the Sith was using Esano's sister as a shield. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: What Is a Sith Warrior? Three times Opress attempted to kill Dooku while his former Master was locked in combat with the Nightsister, only to be swiftly thwarted each time by Force lightning. Opress's next lesson in Sith training took place outside on the palace grounds with his Master. Meanwhile, Savage and Maul engaged in a duel with Kenobi. Upon his return, Dooku took Opress as his Sith apprentice, intending to use him to overthrow his own Sith Master, Darth Sidious, in accordance with the Rule of Two. Opress and his brother Feral became tribal leaders within the Nightbrother village. The trio then left for Nal Hutta, where they tried to recruit the Hutts into the fold. In exchange, Jiro and his subordinates would pledge themselves to Maul's leadership. Despite Opress's concern that the Jedi would be pursuing them, an unfazed Maul began to devise larger plans for his long-awaited revenge. [4][12], When the Shadow Collective was complete, they began planning the Takeover of Mandalore. [4][12], They were ambushed by Sugi and Embo. Died When the amulet ceased glowing a final time, an infuriated Opress concluded that his brother was dead and that Talzin had betrayed him. Maul and Savage were born to the same Nightsister, Mother Talzin herself, along with a third, younger brother, named Feral (later killed by a transformed Savage on Asajj Ventress's orders) Maul was taken from his family by Darth Sidious and trained to be a Sith Assassin. Darth Maul o Lord Maul, noto anche solo come Maul, è un personaggio immaginario della saga fantascientifica di Guerre stellari, apparso per la prima volta nel film della trilogia prequel La minaccia fantasma del 1999 come principale antagonista. He landed and disembarked, entering the junk fields and using the talisman to track Maul. Believing that Opress's former Master knew too much, Maul ordered her killed, and the two brothers left the cargo hold to search the ship for Ventress. At one point, Savage used the Force to push two of the clones off the landing platform, and deflect a blaster bolt at the other clone, and then pulled Koon's breath mask off of his face. Opress asked if they were being held prisoner but Maul insisted that they would be more useful to their plans than the pirates ever would have been because they had honor. Opress fought encouragingly hard alongside Maul and was even able to throw Sidious off the balcony, proving to be a difficult challenge for the Dark Lord. [19], Opress tried his best to stay close to Feral and evade Ventress amidst the Crucible's added dimension, jumping from pillar to pillar, but Feral soon lost his purchase on one of the platforms and fell to the ground. There, he was to confront the Hutt merchant Noggox, an industrialist independent of the Hutt Grand Council who sponsored Republic business, but was content to watch the war between the Republic and the Confederacy from a distance. [11] Formerly a Confederate-allied Dark Acolyte for the Order of the Sith Lords, Ventress had recently been betrayed by her Master, Count Dooku,[30] and sought to acquire an adept servant for a plot to gain revenge on her ex-Master. Savage objected to this vision and suggested that they stand as equals instead. RELATED: Boba Fett Doesn't NEED to Be Redeemed - The Clone Wars Already Did That. A graduate of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Besides refuge from his enemies,[13] he sought a new focus, as his life was no longer controlled by Ventress or Dooku. This was not to be the case, however, as Maul used the Force to throw him out and strangle him, shortly after he walked in. Furthermore, the tie-in comic Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir revealed that Mother Talzin was actually Maul's biological mother, explaining her willingness to bring him back. Offering the Nightbrother as a meal for his master, Morley looked forward to feeding on the leftovers. Maul's headpiece is also black, with red printing on the front to show his tattoos, and his yellow eyes were also printed on. To make matters worse, Kenobi now joined in the pursuit and closely tailed the weakened brothers. The new alliance went to Mustafar to cull the Black Sun into joining the Death Watch's cause, as Maul believed that they had resources that were critical to their plan. However, the brothers' order in terms of age has yet to be confirmed. Additionally, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.35 revealed that Opress was also older than Maul. Opress eventually became the elder to two brothers, Maul and Feral. Drawing upon his apprentice's hate, Dooku blasted him with Force lightning until Opress gained a[13] crude proficiency of the Force[25] and was able to lift the blocks a greater distance. Savage and Maul quickly confronted the two Jedi and clashed lightsabers, with Maul focusing on Kenobi and Savage taking on Adi Gallia. [52], After Maul penetrated the depths of the facility during the slaughter of the Moorjhoni people, he arrived in J'baog's control room, where he was confronted by Salmara and Dray, who were attempting to apprehend the Rim Mining Company president. The Junker tribe subsequently retreated, and the two continued through the scrap heaps. When the three combatants reached the destroyer's hangar, all of the assembled battle droid troops turned on Opress on Dooku's orders, forcing him to focus on the droids instead of Skywalker and Kenobi. He now works as an Article writer for Valnet, Inc, covering the Comic Book Resources site. Altough the combined efforts of Maul and Savage proved to pose a challenge for the elder Sith Lord, Sidious ultimately proved to be the stronger of the three. After learning from Talzin of his kinship to Darth Maul, Opress rescued his weakened brother from the depths of Lotho Minor and brought him home to Dathomir, where Talzin restored his mind and body. Reaching out with the Force, Opress was initially able to lift only a few of the pillars to a meager height and deemed the task impossible. [Sidious takes note of Savage Opress]” “[confused] Master?” “[Sidious impales Savage Opress with his lightsabers] Brother!” Masters Opress instead revealed his ties to Dooku, and his awareness of Noggox's request for the Jedi's help, before breaking free of his shackles and reclaiming his halberd.[37]. [26] By the time of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, both Opress and Feral became tribal heads within the Nightbrother village. As he and his pawns fled they were stopped by Pre Vizsla, and the two made a show of dueling with their lightsabers and Pre besting Savage, who smirked at the success of the ruse. Maul used the Force to unfreeze Savage from his carbonite prison, who managed to take Salmara off guard and stab her in the back in one swift move. You will definitely choose from a huge number of pictures that option that will suit you exactly! After landing on Florrum, the renegade pirates confronted the Ohnaka Gang, while Maul and Opress remained in the background. As this was not part of Maul's plan, he did not tell them the identity of Darth Sidious. Deranged and feral,[43] Maul's mind had been broken after he was cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Naboo, and in the following decade he had been forced to create a meager existence for himself beneath Lotho Minor's surface. Once Maul secured Kenobi's lightsaber, Opress overpowered the Jedi Master and knocked him unconscious, allowing the brothers to bring him aboard the Turtle Tanker. After mocking them for being foolish to dive headlong into enemy territory, Ja'Boag was flung into a nearby smelting pit, but was saved at the last second by Jedi Master Salmara, who recently arrived with a Jedi task force. Opress faces off against Ventress in the Crucible, hoping to protect Feral from her. He trained under Sidiou… Opress, at Dooku's mercy, loses his first spar in lightsaber combat with his Sith Master. However, after being transformed, he became an aggressive, ferocious, dispassionate, brutal, destructive, and cruel practitioner of the dark side of the Force, who did not hesitate to kill his own brother and other innocents for the cause. Before 54 BBY,[2] Dathomir Until word from an official source is provided to indicate specific family relations, this article incorporates information from all sources where possible. [4][12], The growing underworld army then attacked Jabba's Palace in a ferocious show of force and quickly got to Jabba with few lives taken. When the waitress Sassi attempted to inspect his talisman, Opress reacted violently and grabbed her by the neck, causing many of the other patrons to evacuate from the restaurant in fear. They then walked through the prison looking for political outcasts to use as a puppet ruler. Kenobi then chased Opress and Maul off Florrum, destroying their ship and leaving them stranded until they were discovered by members of the Death Watch, a group of Mandalorian warriors led by Pre Vizsla. As diner owner Loubo rushed to his employee's aid, Opress threw Sassi at the cook, then escaped from the diner before the spaceport authorities could arrive. Savage Opress was a Dathomirian Zabrak Nightbrother who was born on Dathomir to Mother Talzin alongside his brothers Darth Maul and Feral. After bringing Opress and Maul into the fortress, Talzin placed the latter on the Font and put him into an enchanted sleep, separating him from his cybernetic apparatus. The Black Sun council leader, Xomit Grunseit, initially refused to join them as they were not criminals and ordered Maul, Vizsla and Savage dead. The Weequay pirates proceeded to board Savage and Maul's ship and were caught off guard by the brothers. [44], Opress would become Maul's informal apprentice at this time, and the two caused havoc in the Outer Rim. Though he was cleaved in two by Obi-Wan at the end of the film, that wasn't the end. At this stage though, he is a shadow of his former self. Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Nightsisters but Were Afraid to Ask, The Must-See Conclusion to an Epic Three-Part, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars: Prima Official Game Guide, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Incredible Vehicles, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: The Official Guide to the Virtual World, Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded, 10 Amazing Moments from Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season Four, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Four: An Exclusive Tour of the DVD and Blu-ray Sets. [4][54], Unfortunately, once his grip on Mandalore was secure, Vizsla betrayed the Nightbrothers, imprisoning them in the Sundari prison. Moments later, however, the Jedi team pursuing them had made their way the palace. Dispatched alone to the Devaron system aboard Dooku's personal Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop complete with an FA-4 pilot droid, Opress proceeded to the Temple of Eedit, where a battle for control of the outpost was already raging between Republic and Confederate forces. However, it was Opress who took a beating, and he finally surrendered his life and pledged himself to the Nightsister when triumphed over. Opress discovered that a Turtle Tanker cargo vessel had brought the crates to Stobar. Esano ignores this as with her death, his family fortune would be his. In the course of the battle, Opress crossed blades with both the Jedi Master and the bounty hunter, mainly focusing on the latter combatant. [15] In an ancient ceremony[25] heavily rooted in the dark side, Talzin and a full coven of her spellcasters bound together,[11] channeling spirit ichor and the rawest hatred to make Opress an avatar of primal anger[31] for Ventress's plot for vengeance. [13], Opress brought Katuunko's corpse to Dooku, who had arrived in orbit of Toydaria aboard a Providence-class carrier/destroyer. Sidious stunned him with a swift blow to the face and then and proceeded to fatally impale Opress through his chest with both of his lightsabers in a ferocious reverse lunge. [13] As Dooku required proof of his new agent's abilities before any training could commence, Opress was sent on his first assignment: to seize control of the Temple of Eedit on the jungle planet Devaron. Dathomirian Zabrak[6] The second reveal made by Lucas involved fan-favorite Darth Maul, as it turned out his impact will be found on The Clone Wars this year in a big way – as we meet his brother. Kenobi continued on to face Maul, but Maul stopped Obi-Wan by using the Force to choke him. Skywalker and Kenobi arrived too late to prevent Opress from escaping, and with their shuttle gone, they were forced to borrow Katuunko's personal[13] Peregrine-class star yacht,[26] the Thief's Eye,[40] to pursue Opress's solar sailer. [50], During the battle, Jun-Fan destroyed the case that had the reward that belonged to Maul and Savage. [5], Savage wielded a specially created pike, with which he could defeat opponents like clone troopers easily. Saved by Daydreaming of Disney Blog Despite that, Feral was ultimately forgotten, becoming just another pointless casualty in the dark period of the Clone Wars. Ventress arrived at the Nightbrother village square aboard an Ubrikkian speeder just as Opress was sparring there with Feral. Fighting with a curved dagger, Opress was initially Force-pushed against the combat field's railing by Ventress, who also countered the other warriors' moves with considerable ease. [Darth Sidious enters the throne room, incapacitating the guards as he does. Maul duels Kenobi, while Opress takes up the fight with Adi Gallia on Florrum. [4][54], Savage's brother challenged the Death Watch leader to a fierce duel that ended when Maul beheaded Vizsla. Eventually, Opress brutally broke through the Kyuzo's defenses and beat him down. Although the diminutive Halsey held out for some time with his formidable agility, Opress battered him to the ground and killed him with a stab through the chest. Maul, infuriated with Esano, begins his attack. Their rule of Mandalore, however, attracted unwanted attention from Maul's former Master, Darth Sidious, who saw the power of the two Sith brothers as a threat to the dominance of his Sith Order. Due to Jun-Fan's psychometric abilities, the Jedi learned that the two Sith were traveling to Pleem's Nexus. Placing himself between the Nightsister and the weakened Feral, Opress fended off her attacks, refusing to let harm come to his brother. Kenobi was captured by Maul, Opress and the Mandalorian super commandos, Duchess Kryze was executed in front of him, and Kenobi was sent to be imprisoned, though he was rescued by Bo-Katan.

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